“Gifted Too”, Week 3

Third week of this challenge, and again there are three of us taking part. I struggled this week as none of the topics really appealed to me. I had ideas for ‘Selfie’, but wasn’t sure about how to realise them. But they are in my sketchbook and I shall return to them another time.

I eventually decided to go for ‘On the Spot’. I used different layers of different sized spots, and then played with digitally cutting out some areas to allow the lower layers to show through. Although I liked my colour version, I decided to add the ‘Black and White’ theme too. I’ve been using a lot of colour in my work this year, so it was nice to go back to just black and white for a change. The resulting design has an almost camouflage look to it and I could envision it on clothing.

What I am really enjoying is seeing the work that other designers create. Too often when you work alone you can get limited in what you see or imagine as the possibilities. It simply hadn’t occurred to me to photograph a collection like Faye has done. And I would love to see that composition repeated into a block or brick repeat, maybe with each unit rotated 90 degrees. Lindsay’s lovely design reminds me of embroidery with cutwork spiders and little areas of darning stitch. So now the embroidery books will have to come out too for inspiration!


‘On The Spot’ and ‘Black and White’ by Annette Kirstine Designs

wk3-slumbermonkey‘On The Spot’ by Slumbermonkey Designs

wk3-faye‘Collection’ by Faye Brown Designs

I hope you have enjoyed a little look at what we got up to last week, and don’t forget to visit the websites and blogs to see more work by Faye and Lindsay. Hope to see you back here again next week.




“Gifted Too” Week 2

Another week and another seven themes for us to choose from for our designs. The list of themes given by Tigerprint is diverse, and although they were thinking of themes for their own products we have been able to consider any market we choose. There were several themes that appealed to me this week, and also some that could be combined.

Three of us took part in the challenge this week. Again we produced very different work, which is part of the fun. Maybe we should have one week where we all have to use the same theme and see what happens?

As with last week, I have included links to the websites or portfolios of the designers involved so that you can see more of their work. And we would love for you to leave a comment here with your thoughts or suggested products for our designs.


‘In Bloom’ by Artistically Afflicted


‘Make Your Mark’ by Annette Kirstine Designs


‘Make Your Mark’ / ‘Geometric’ by Slumbermonkey Designs

I really enjoyed this week’s challenge – it pushed me outside of my normal way of working. Hopefully you enjoyed seeing our work too.

“Gifted Too” Week 1

Each year Tigerprint Design Studio run a competition for art & design graduates. This year it is a design-a-day competition, with each day having a theme to use as a basis for a design. It started immediately after New Designers in June.

As I, and most of my design friends, are not recent graduates we decided it would be fun to play along with our own version. We are following the same themes, but started 1st July instead. On Tuesdays through to 5th August I will be showcasing work done in response to the themes of the previous week.

Please pop over to the designers’ blogs and portfolios using the links below their designs. I am only accepting one design per designer per week, and I know that many of them are very prolific and have some fantastic work for you to see.


 ‘Food Glorious Food’ by Slumbermonkey Designs


‘All About Colour’ by Artistically Afflicted


 ‘Alphabet’ by Faye Brown Designs


‘All About Colour’ by Annette Kirstine Designs

I hope you enjoyed our little gallery, and don’t forget to come back next week for some more lovely designs!