Butterflies For Lupus

Tomorrow, 10th May, is World Lupus Day.  Lupus is a chronic disease which affects the immune system. It can affect so many different organs in the body, both visible and invisible. One of the most common visible signs of it is a butterfly-shaped pigmentation on the face. For several years now the lovely Dawn Clarkson has asked people to create art inspired by butterflies , which she then shares on her blog and pinterest account.

This is the first year I have sent Dawn some work. As a designer it is lovely to be able to create, but to be able to share your work and raise awareness of a disease that affects so many people is an added bonus. Here is my Butterfly For Lupus:


Please also pop over to Dawn’s blog and check out her series of Butterfly Showcase posts.

Snowdrops in Cornwall

I have spent many wonderful holidays in Cornwall over the years. These particular photographs were taken on a very wet February day at Trelissick Garden, while we were on a half-term break at The Valley. It was during this holiday that the very early plans for Annette Kirstine Designs were made.
Snowdrops always remind me of new beginnings, and of resilience. I’m so glad that I found these images in my digital photo archive.

Keep Calm & Design More

A little while ago I entered a design contest run by Homebase. I was really pleased with my wallpaper design, but it was not selected as the winner.

When the winner was announced (Paula Arroyo), I was horrified by some of the comments on the Homebase FB page. The design met the brief and was well put together. I can understand that some people were upset at not winning, and that some people didn’t like the design. But we don’t have to like a design to be able to appreciate it. In my opinion, there was no justification for the negative and even nasty comments that were made. As designers we enter contests and we show our portfolios. As designers we know how much time and effort goes into a design. We also know how easy it is for our self-belief to become linked to the acceptance of our work.

Paula Arroyo’s design was selected this time, and congratulations to her for that. Another time it will be somebody else. As designers we need to nurture ourselves and the wider design community. A positive comment or constructive criticism helps me believe in what I am creating. I’m sure I am not the only one who feels like that.


So I will keep putting my designs ‘out there’. I will treasure the positive comments and feedback. I will try and stay calm through the negative responses. I will work for that perfect match between the design, the trends, the customer, their budget, and so on. I will move on, and design more.

Ojo de Dios

This week I entered a design in the Steamcream Design A Tin Competition. The scale and shape were challenging, but there were no other guidelines for the designs.

Recently, a blog post by Diane Gilleland reminded me of a tutorial on the technique of making woven God’s Eyes. One thing led to another and I ended up looking at the work of Jay Mohler
Check out Jay’s website and his Etsy shop. The work is fantastic and very 3-dimensional as well as colourful. This work was the inspiration for my competition design, combined with a Pantone colour prediction for Spring 2014

If you like this design, please go to http://woobox.com/85kxud/vote/for/1577164 and vote for it.