After a summer break, Andrea from Anchobee Designs has returned with her weekly design challenges. Anyone can take part is these. And if you just want to use it as a starting point, or if life gets in the way of you completing it, it really doesn’t matter – you don’t have to send your design in to be included in the showcase.

This week the theme was ‘ferns’. In an ideal world it would have been nice to have done some hands-on printing, but on a very wet Saturday afternoon drawing and Illustrator had to suffice. I actually drew several different ferns, and still have ideas to work further on.  But my design became quite graphic and almost geometric. It seems to me to have a mid-century feel to it with the organic shapes. So what would it be for? My initial thought was interiors – a lampshade or cushions maybe. Or a towel or rug (probably inspired by the proportions of the art board I was using). But I think it might also work for fashion or accessories by changing the scale. What do you think?

I have included three colourways all using the same selection of colours.

Colourways 1

Colourways 2

Colourways 3


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