“Gifted Too”, Week 5

Well here we are at the end of this little challenge. I have certainly enjoyed it, and the feedback from my design partners is that they have too. And, more importantly than that, it has pushed me into new design areas and encouraged me to try new techniques. It still seems like every design I create I learn something new about Photoshop or Illustrator!

We have three designs for you this week. Again I am struck by the variation we have produced.

Working ‘old school’, Faye has used layered papers, modelling dough, and buttons to create her design. I love how Faye has avoided the computer for her work throughout this challenge, although she does admit to a bit of help with this design from her young son Harry who suggested the button bubbles. A great and original idea for a card.

In contrast, Lindsay has used her statement bold strokes to create two smiling kitties in a field of flowers. She has a very distinctive style and great use of colour. I could certainly see this being adapted into a greeting card, maybe using one of the faces surrounded by the lighter flowers?

And then mine. I was late with my design this week after being away. But inspiration finally struck when I watched a snail make its way across the patio. I’m not sure that I have finished with this idea, but am still pleased. It helped me feel more confident in character drawing and incorporating hand drawn marks. And then there was learning how to add a glitter effect – wow!

I would like to thank the designers who have joined me on this challenge and have given me such inspiration. And a special ‘thank you’ to Tigerprint who thought up the ideas. I think it is actually quite fitting that on this last week we have all produced designs that have (in my opinion) the potential to be greeting cards.

wk5-faye‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ by Faye Brown Designs


‘Freestyle’ by Slumbermonkey Designs


‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ by Annette Kirstine Designs

Thank you for following us on this challenge. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some snippets of the work that we do, and remember that you can see more at our websites. And watch out at the end of August when we will each be blogging about our experiences and revealing some of of our other designs form Gifted Too.



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