Manga inspired

I don’t know where Andrea from Anchobee gets her ideas from, but recently the challenge was to include some aspect of Manga drawing in a design. You can see the showcase of work submitted for this challenge here.

To me, Manga drawing is about character drawing – not something I have done much of. And as for the style, the eyes and face seem to be the strongest and most obvious features. So I decided to draw Piran my labradoodle. Fortunately I found a book on Manga drawing left behind in my eldest son’s bedroom. It took¬†several pages of drawings before I was happy with Piran’s face. Some of the key features I tried to include were:

  • Rounded face
  • Eyes relatively low on the face, larger than normal and widely spaced.
  • Several ‘eye shines’ in the eyes

So here is my drawing, which was originally worked in pen and then scanned in to Photoshop and Illustrator.

Piran and the SockAnd just in case anyone thinks that he looks too innocent to be a sock thief, I would like to present this photo as evidence:Piran-evidence


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    1. For anyone who doesn’t know, Cosby is a gorgeous golden retriever who goes to dog training with Piran. They are the class clowns, despite being old enough to know better.

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