Saturday Spectrum: Sea Green

sf-stripes-collectionI recently came across the ‘Saturday Spectrum’ challenge organised by Anne Bray. This challenge is based around the different colours of Crayola crayons. This week’s challenge was the colour Sea Green. Details can be found here.

sf-stripes-2To me, sea green is a much darker blue-green than this crayon. This paler colour reminded me more of the foam on the waves – hence the name of the collection.

sf-stripes-1The designs themselves are based on some ideas I explored several years ago. But I was never quite happy with the original designs, particularly the colour palette. So I took this opportunity to revise and recolour some of the work, also playing with the scale and converting them from Photoshop files to vector-based Illustrator files.


The designs all feature (in one way or another) stripes in the sea green crayon colour.


Thank you Anne for the opportunity to participate in this challenge!

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